Family Adventures

Christmas in the Smokies 2014

For the past several years, long before the diagnosis we have spent the week of Christmas away in the mountains… this year was no different! […]

A Golf Cart Surprise

Jess was inside picking MK up from daycare and I was showing Ross the picture of the golf cart on the phone. I was explaining to him that mommy and daddy bought that one and that we will bring it home tomorrow. The first time I told him, he looked puzzled. So I explained it to him again, with minimal […]

Fort Morgan, AL Shipwreck

I know the pictures may not show it, but Ross had a blast finding this old shipwreck on Fort Morgan. I had to grab his arm to keep him from running around like crazy… all we wanted was a picture. […]

Baldwin County Special Olympics 2014

The Baldwin County school district puts together an annual special olympics and boy do they do it BIG.  This was an EXTREMELY humbling experience. […]