From The Parents

You’re Killing Me, Dad!

You’re Killing Me, Dad!

OK, not literally… but sorta.  For many years college football has consumed my weekends, and when I say consumed, I mean consumed.  It was football from ESPN Gameday till the game of the day for me, not leaving much time with the kids.  We did not make plans on the weekend that didn’t involve football.  A wedding on game day? […]

33 years ago today, two special people were preparing the world for you.

On this day, March 22, 1982, I was born with high aspirations of becoming the next famous athlete, doctor, or President of the United States just like any parent has for their children. Raised in the lower-middle class America, where yes ma’am and please is a must, I was being prepared for you.

I spent many summers mowing the 10 acre […]

Two Milestones Reached

Yesterday, January 20th 20015 will forever be remembered not only in the hearts and minds of our family, but in the hearts and minds of many.  On this day 8 years ago, my wife and I said “I do” to “for better and for worse” and like many on their wedding day the only thing they think about is the […]

Three things will last forever

At 11:43 AM I received the longest 1 minute phone call from my wife.  She called to tell me that she just got off the phone with the geneticists and that our beautiful baby girl who is opposite of her brother in every possible way is actually more alike than we had hoped.  Our biggest fear has been confirmed, Meredith […]

Angels in our Midst

This morning started as any other… Running around the house gathering clothes and lunches while Andrew bathes the kids. We head out the door towards school and I receive a text from my best friend asking if I could pick her daughter up as well. I pull into the driveway, jump out and hear someone yell my name… It’s Ross’ […]

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12 ESV
The whole days was planned out to keep our mind off the fact that we would be awaiting the results of our daughters genetic test results.  This morning we had about a three hour drive to get our family photos taken by one awesome photographer, Natalie Norris […]

The Empty Car Seat

Wow… It’s amazing how grief can hit you out of nowhere. I know when most hear the word grief they think of someone who has passed on and the deep devastation that comes with it. But my grief is for the life I thought we would have, Ross would have. The things parents take for granted, watching your child play […]

Mom, that boy is scary

It’s the day before Thanksgiving at the in-laws in Pensacola when we decided to go to a small diner across the street.  I was hesitant because both kids were extremely hungry and we were in what we call the “fast-food-window”… we’ve waited too late.  As we walk in, Ross is holding Jessica’s hand and Meredith in my arms right behind […]

We Have Nothing In Common

Until now Jessica and I only had one thing in common…. we both like orange juice with a lot of pulp. Seriously. We’re the most opposite of any couple that we know. Little did we know, we both a carrier for a deadly genetic disorder… and out of the four types we both have the same fouled up gene….AND on […]

A Golf Cart Surprise

Jess was inside picking MK up from daycare and I was showing Ross the picture of the golf cart on the phone. I was explaining to him that mommy and daddy bought that one and that we will bring it home tomorrow. The first time I told him, he looked puzzled. So I explained it to him again, with minimal […]