As mentioned in the introduction, this is a multifaceted website… so why wouldn’t the donate options be the same? There are multiple donation options with multiple goals.

  1. The Smile Fund

    10421238_10202211587006182_7787962937345490604_nYou’re given the opportunity to donate directly to Ross and Meredith’s Smile Fund. This fund is strictly used to put a smile on their faces. For those of you who know us know that we have always gone above and beyond to put a smile on our kids faces. We love to travel and visit random places, forts, lighthouses, state parks, etc. Also, Ross loves riding go-carts, playing in the arcade room at Dave and Busters and running wild in an open field.  Meredith has an intense love for all things “Frozen” and “Mickey”.  They’re both happiest at the beach, either by boat or by Jeep.

    Donate to Their Smile Fund

    Other donation options:

    By check: Capital City Bank, 504 Monument Ave, Port St Joe, FL 32456

  2. Find a Cure for MPS (Mucopolysaccharidosis)

    You’re given the opportunity to donate to the greater good in finding a cure Sanfilippo Syndrome and all MPS related syndromes. If a cure is found, early diagnosis and intervention is crucial in stopping the mental regression. We’re a little “late to the game”, that is why we’re promoting those who have paved the way before us in finding a cure.

    Donate to Cure Sanfilippo

    SavingEliza is part of a non-profit 501c3 Cure Sanfilippo Foundation (Tax ID: 46-4322131) No paid employees, no personal medical expenses. Donations here are tax-deductible.

    Other donation options:

    By check: Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, PO Box 6901, Columbia, SC 29260


    Here’s a simple way and no real cost to you to donate.  Amazon Smile will donate a portion of each sale to a charity of your choosing.  PLEASE CHOOSE THE NATIONAL MPS SOCIETY :-)

    Shop with Amazon Smile